15, 19 & 21 Fort Point Street

In 2017, the CT DOT concluded publicly that no further takings would be necessary in connection with the Walk Bridge project(s) after whittling down the list of 17 properties originally targeted around Liberty Square (and in addition to the three taken on East Avenue).

In April of 2018, they announced the realignment of the Fort Point Street roadway, and the relocation of the bridge passageway.

This necessitated additional property acquisitions at 19 & 21 Fort Point Street, as well as an easement at 15 Fort Point Street.

This was to be the second time the business at 19, a thriving landscaping business was to be relocated. The thriving restaurant at 21 is the second minority owned business being displaced by the state adjacent to a railway bridge to accommodate a roadway redesign.

The Fort Point Street railroad bridge is closest to the Waste Water treatment plant/yard waste facilities in East Norwalk, and has the largest truck clearance of all of the East Norwalk railway bridges.