East Avenue

  • Who Said That?

    We’re so glad the City of Norwalk is on board with making East Avenue a proper gateway to East Norwalk, as we have been saying since 2014. Who knew it […]

  • Well, they both start with “A”

    According to Lisa Burns of Norwalk’s Department of Public Works, the 90% design stage of the Walk Bridge was supposed to have been reached in April. According to Judd Everhart, […]

  • TOD Study Community Visioning Forum (3/23/2019)

    On March 23, 2019, the first community engagement session took place in connection with the East Avenue TOD Study funded by a state grant of $125,000. View the presentation. Harriman, […]

  • What was the secret password anyway?

    During a two day non-public workshop held February 27-28th at the Norwalk Inn, the Connecticut DOT met with “various stakeholders” to work on items that need to be addressed in […]

  • Update on East Avenue Roadway Design Committee

    As of the November 2017 election, the Third Taxing District noted that it no longer had representation on the advisory committee assembled to discuss design elements for the East Avenue […]

  • Transit Oriented Development Grant for East Norwalk Under Consideration

    A Special Meeting of the Planning Committee of the Common Council will be held on Monday, June 12, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the Common Council Chambers in Norwalk City […]

  • A Solution in Search of a Problem?

    Many residents believe the true traffic “chokepoint” is the intersection at Exit 16. Typical a.m. rush hour traffic shown.

  • East Ave Roadway Design Committee Appointed

    In Late January 2017, an advisory committee was assembled to discuss design elements for the East Avenue Roadway Widening/Lowering project (such as street lighting, tree plantings, sidewalk design, etc.). The […]

  • East Avenue Advocacy Progress Update

    As of January 29th, we’ve had confirmation from at least three of our representatives at the state level that they are in communication with the Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of […]

  • Breaking News on East Avenue

    On January 25, 2016, Common Council Members Maggio and Kydes asked to suspend the rules and introduce the following resolution for a Common Council vote: COMMON COUNCIL RESOLUTION Sponsored by: […]