Connecticut’s Department of Transportation is undertaking a number of road and rail construction projects that will impact East Norwalk.

  • Walk Bridge Permit Pending for September 1st

    At a recent meeting attended by Walk Bridge Project and DEEP representatives, it was reported that Connecticut’s Department of Transportation intends to submit the master permit application for the Walk […]

  • Well, they both start with “A”

    According to Lisa Burns of Norwalk’s Department of Public Works, the 90% design stage of the Walk Bridge was supposed to have been reached in April. According to Judd Everhart, […]

  • Maritime Aquarium

    The Walk Bridge Project will be imposing a number of permanent and temporary easements on the Maritime Aquarium. Among the impacts will be demolition of certain parts of the building […]


    Tuesday, June 5th – Walk Bridge Information Meetings Norwalk City Hall, Concert Hall, 125 East Avenue, Norwalk *********************************************************************** Two sessions: 4:00 PM 6:30 PM

  • What was the secret password anyway?

    During a two day non-public workshop held February 27-28th at the Norwalk Inn, the Connecticut DOT met with “various stakeholders” to work on items that need to be addressed in […]

  • That’s a whole lot of welcome…

    On February 27th, 2018, the DOT opened a Walk Bridge Welcome Center on the first floor of the Lock Building at 20 Marshall St. in South Norwalk, at a cost […]

  • Eversource Undergrounding Project Walk Bridge Connection

    Eversource currently has two 115,000 (115 kV) transmission lines along the Walk Bridge railroad corridor. CT DOT regulations do not permit utility attachments on railroad bridges. The transmission lines must […]

  • Eversource Undergrounding and the Visitor’s Docks

    In 2015 the City of Norwalk  undertook a project to replace the boat ramp and the floating docks at Veteran’s Park, and to improve the adjacent parking lot. The proposed […]

  • Eversource Undergrounding and Environmental Concerns

    The proposed route for the undergrounding of two electric transmission cables will involve horizontal directional drilling and take a path through Veteran’s Memorial Park. According to Wikipedia, that land, formally […]

  • Transmission Line Relocation

    Eversource has proposed undergrounding transmission lines in connection with the Walk Bridge Project. Said lines are currently proposed to go under the entranceway to Veteran’s Park. The City of Norwalk […]