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  • Food Fight!

    You may have been reading some provocative statements in the press recently about a “grocery tax” or taxing your food. Flying almost as fast and furious as the mashed potatoes […]

  • Who Said That?

    We’re so glad the City of Norwalk is on board with making East Avenue a proper gateway to East Norwalk, as we have been saying since 2014. Who knew it […]

  • What’s Up With the Water?

    There’s been some excitement, and a fair amount of anxiety as one of Norwalk’s two municipal water companies released it’s required annual water quality report this summer. FIRST DISTRICT 2018 […]

  • TOD Study Choices and Priorities Workshop (7/25/2019)

    The second public forum to gather input for the Transit Oriented Development study for East Norwalk around the railway bridge was held on July 25th. This session involved a visual […]

  • Walk Bridge Permit Pending for September 1st

    At a recent meeting attended by Walk Bridge Project and DEEP representatives, it was reported that Connecticut’s Department of Transportation intends to submit the master permit application for the Walk […]

  • Well, they both start with “A”

    According to Lisa Burns of Norwalk’s Department of Public Works, the 90% design stage of the Walk Bridge was supposed to have been reached in April. According to Judd Everhart, […]

  • East Norwalk Information Forum on 230 East Avenue

    The East Norwalk Information Forum on the Zone Amendment and Development Application was held this past Saturday. More than fifty East Norwalk residents and local business owners turned up. The […]

  • 2019 TTD Annual Ratepayer Meeting

    The annual ratepayer meeting of electors (registered voters) will be held at The Marvin, 60 Gregory Blvd, on Wed, March 6th @ 7pm for the purpose of approving the annual […]

  • What was the secret password anyway?

    During a two day non-public workshop held February 27-28th at the Norwalk Inn, the Connecticut DOT met with “various stakeholders” to work on items that need to be addressed in […]

  • Schedule of Upcoming POCD Meetings

    Mon, May 21 (Green & Sustainable) 6-8pm Sono Branch Library Tue, May 22 (City Character) 6-8pm City Hall Community Room Wed, May 30 (Economic Development) 6-8pm Sono Branch Library Thu, […]