East Ave Roadway Design Committee Appointed

In Late January 2017, an advisory committee was assembled to discuss design elements for the East Avenue Roadway Widening/Lowering project (such as street lighting, tree plantings, sidewalk design, etc.).

The committee invitees were as follows:

  • Bruce Chimento (Director, Public Works – City of Norwalk)
  • Lisa Burns (Principal Engineer, Public Works – City of Norwalk)
  • Michelle Maggio (Common Council, District C and East Avenue Business Owner)
  • Carol Gavrilides (East Avenue Business Owner)
  • Jaime Silverman (East Norwalk Resident)
  • David Westmoreland (Historical Commission, Second Taxing District Commission)
  • Bruce Beinfeld (East Norwalk Resident, Architect)
  • Kim Morque (Spinnaker Real Estate Partners)
  • Eric Rains (Landscape Architect)
  • Elizabeth Stocker (Economic Development Director – City of Norwalk)
  • Steve Kleppin (P&Z Director – City of Norwalk)
  • Susan Schweitzer (Redevelopment Agency)
  • Laoise King (Mayor’s Assistant – City of Norwalk)
  • Mike Torre (East Norwalk Resident)
  • Charles Yost (Police Commission/Traffic Authority)

After some consultation, Susan Schweitzer was removed and the following additions were made:

  • Diane Cece (East Norwalk Neighborhood Association temporary appointment)
  • Unspecified Member (East Norwalk Business Association)
  • Jim Smith (General Manager, Third Taxing District)
  • Gordon Tully (Architect)

The Committee’s first meeting is scheduled for February 7, 2017.