Pardon the mess…

You may have noticed that the Gateway East Norwalk site is undergoing a site redesign. Over the years, the site has expanded it’s mission to include more and more information that is relevant to the East Norwalk community.

It has grown from a site originally launched to deal with the thirty year old East Avenue widening/lowering project, and then expanded to encompass the Walk Bridge Replacement, Transit Oriented Development, various local transportation projects, the Northeast Corridor project, and vastly increased opportunities for community involvement.

The old layout was becoming confusing, but we didn’t want to pull this important resource down while the improvements were underway.

So pardon the mess. Some items are still being re-categorized so that they appear where they belong, and the menus are being reorganized to make it easier to find reference information. Recent posts will be viewable after they fall off the feature sliders on the front page.

Please visit often, and we thank you for understanding while the site redesign is completed.