Property Takings and Easements (EA)

East Avenue Widening/Lowering (Project 102-297)

To accomodate the proposed roadway widening, there will be property impacts including but not limited to: sloping rights, temporary and permanent easements as well as property takings for this project. 1

1 From Public Hearing Held on November 18, 2010


These three properties now belong to the state and the structures have been demolished to make room for staging, and ultimately, a parking lot. There is a temporary lot there now.


After a long public effort to stay, long-time family business A.J. Penna was forced to relocate from its land near the railroad tracks behind Liberty Square to another area of Norwalk.


In connection with the Fort Point Street railroad bridge reconstruction, the DOT has decided to re-align the street, which will result in further takings of East Norwalk businesses and residences, including Perfect Plantings, Fiesta Mexico Bar and Grill and a portion of a condominium complex.