South Norwalk

South Norwalk $450k, East Norwalk $0

With a stunning turn of logic, Norwalk is now prepared to use $450,000 in state funds (with a 10% city match) to install expensive, high-tech, anti-strike technology for the South Norwalk Railroad Bridge.(Nancy On Norwalk: Norwalk Plans $450k Warning System for SoNo Bridge)

As reported previously, this project will be funded using LRARP funds authorized through WestCOG (Western Connecticut Council of Governments) that are intended to reduce road traffic accidents and increase safety for pedestrians.  (Opinion: Bridge Strikes Aren’t the Problem, Lack of Planning Is)

This, despite data that demonstrates that there is historically a greater number of bridge strikes at the East Norwalk train station AND the fact that East Norwalkers specifically asked for low-cost, anti-strike technology  for the East Avenue railroad bridge INSTEAD of the expensive roadway lowering.