Streetscaping (EA)

Streetscaping is the visual design of the neighborhood. Are the sidewalks wide or narrow? Concrete or Cobblestones? Are there trees?

We all know the little quirks around the neighborhood that make a narrow sidewalk unusable–signs in the middle of the street, tree branches that hang too low. We also know when a street feels welcoming with greenery to keep the area cool, easy to read signwork, traffic that doesn’t make you fear an accident.

You should have a say in all of these elements, as these projects will alter YOUR neighborhood in a significant way. If you want the character of East Norwalk to remain, it is important to make sure that this major restructuring of a main artery does not become an extension of the highway, with sterile utilitarian visual elements and speeding traffic diverting off of I-95.

Easements will be necessary from Fort Point Street all the way to the Exit 16 overpass, affecting local businesses and homes all along East Avenue. We should make sure that the end result of the four years of disruption adds value for these homeowners and business-owners.