Update on East Avenue Roadway Design Committee

As of the November 2017 election, the Third Taxing District noted that it no longer had representation on the advisory committee assembled to discuss design elements for the East Avenue Roadway Widening/Lowering project (such as street lighting, tree plantings, sidewalk design, etc.). Mr. Smith had retired during the summer, and Mr. Yost was not re-elected to the TTD. On December 4th, the TTD appointed Pam Parkington as its representative to this committee. Later in December, it was reported that Elizabeth Stocker had separated from her job as Economic Development Director for the City of Norwalk.

The committee invitees were as follows:

  • Bruce Chimento (Director, Public Works – City of Norwalk)
  • Lisa Burns (Principal Engineer, Public Works – City of Norwalk)
  • Michelle Maggio (Common Council, District C and East Avenue Business Owner)
  • Carol Gavrilides (East Avenue Business Owner)
  • Jaime Silverman (East Norwalk Resident)
  • David Westmoreland (Historical Commission, Second Taxing District Commission)
  • Bruce Beinfeld (East Norwalk Resident, Architect)
  • Kim Morque (Spinnaker Real Estate Partners)
  • Eric Rains (Landscape Architect)
  • Elizabeth Stocker (Economic Development Director – City of Norwalk)
  • Steve Kleppin (P&Z Director – City of Norwalk)
  • Susan Schweitzer (Redevelopment Agency)
  • Laoise King (Mayor’s Assistant – City of Norwalk)
  • Mike Torre (East Norwalk Resident)
  • Charles Yost (Police Commission/Traffic Authority)

After some consultation, Susan Schweitzer was removed and the following additions were made:

  • Diane Cece (East Norwalk Neighborhood Association temporary appointment)
  • Unspecified Member (East Norwalk Business Association)
  • Jim Smith (General Manager, Third Taxing District) Pam Parkington (Third Taxing District Commission)
  • Gordon Tully (Architect)