What People Have Said

Dear Sue Prosi,
It was a pleasure meeting you at the Walk Bridge meeting held at
City Hall. Thank you for graciously taking the time to speak with me.
I boarded the north bound Metro North last week. (Isn’t it amazing
that it now connects to Hartford.  I thing that is one of the best
things Connecticut has done!)  While passing the Maritime Aquarium
I couldn’t help but admire the clear, unobstructed view of the Sound.
The  skyline is simply magnificent. I also admired the “clean” view of
the Vanderbilt building that is not too far away.
I’ve looked at a few views of the walk bridge.  Some views would have it
appear a military-ish, steel monstrosity. Other views render a smaller,
slightly more pleasing structure.
I can’t know which view is true; however, I sincerely hope that the cur-
rent, clear view of that beautiful skyline is not obstructed.
I can’t help but wonder if there are plans to synchronize the immediately
adjacent area to the proposed bridge, the way I wondered the same when
the police station was moved to South Norwalk.  It still seems so out of
place there.
One area that was well thought-out (with the exception of displacing so
low-income individuals) was the Washington Street area.  That street
blends so harmoniously, even with the additions of Washington Prime,
Ironworks, and The Pearl.
Best Regards,
Sherelle Harris