What People Have Said

“At the end of the day, the wrong question is being debated. The question is not whether this is a good project, or whether Mssrs Fowler and Fieber are good people with good intentions. It’s whether a zone change of this magnitude should be accorded to a single property using criteria derived to design a zone for an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT AREA OF THE CITY, when a perfectly good study, funded by the state is about to begin.

If we didn’t accept text amendments at the same time as project applications, we could look at this request rationally. First the zone change, then the project and it’s fitness for the zone.”

– Debora Goldstein, Third Taxing District Commissioner 1

1 Comment on Nancy on Norwalk Spinnaker Pitches East Norwalk TOD Development to P&Z Commissions January 18, 2018.